Monday, February 8, 2010

For the Love of.... Dollar Stores

So Valentine's Day is coming up and my family takes every holiday seriously. We always look for a reason to cook dinner and give things to each other. Along with Valentine's Day is my Mom's Birthday (yes, she was born on Valentine's Day, and her maiden name is Love.) Oh, and Jay's birthday is Feb 12th. So, a pretty busy week, along with stuff to buy. I had to get Valentines so I went to my local drug store, and that wasn't great, so I ventured over to the Dollar Tree, and what a find! Now, I admit that in the past, the dollar stores were full of crap, but they have really stepped it up a notch. Go take a peep for yourself, especially if you need to pick up your valentines. I got Jay some cool stuff. I found this 32 ounce glass beer mug, and found twizzlers, jelly belly's, and hershey's kisses to fill it up with. I found some really cute cards for all of the valentines and birthdays. They may not be your $3 Hallmarks, but still just as adorable. I got full-sized, clever cards for 2 for $1. I even picked up some valentines for my friends. My mom get cute valentine too. Oh, instead of spending the $3 for a gift bag for my mom's gift, I found this adorable purse-looking cloth bag to wrap her gift in. She can use it later to keep trinkets or makeup or something in.

Jay and I collect wooden "treasure chests" and wooden carved boxes. We have one from India, and a bunch we found at the flea markets and yard sales. I think one dates 170 years old or something. I found a carved wooden box at the dollar store to put his birthday gift in. It may not be old or from another country, but it still looks pretty cool.

If you haven't been to the dollar store lately, take a look sometime. They carry known candies, wrapping stuff, and cards for all occasions now. Really, there's too much to list, but most of all, the quality is so much better than it was years ago.

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