Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quick Pics for FREE

So my friend was a bit confused about how to download her pics from her phone to her computer. She was worried about not finding her USB cord, and having to install the software. She didn't have the internet on her phone, so there was no way to directly upload images to facebook, myspace, etc. She's been worrying about this for months, and asking people to take pics and upload them for her.

I offered a quick tip for her today, which was my way of getting around the USB cord, the software, or the INSANE cell phone internet charges that apply. (I don't know why anyone would have the internet on there phone with what they charge for it, unless it was a business thing or you're never around your computer.)

This is what you do: text message/picture message the photos to your email account. Do this by sending a message, but in the recipient number, type in your email address. The pics will be text messaged as an attachment in your email immediately. Then just download, save, and upload to your facebook page. It's free if you already have text/picture messaging, and it's an easy way of avoiding all those steps or cell phone internet charges. I don't know if this is old news, but I was excited to discover this worked a few months ago. No more software/downloads/or phone internet charges :)

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  1. *May not work for all carriers but I know it works for ATT and Cricket..